1. Low Cost Parking Management Derio S.L. is a company registered with CIF: B-95788030 and registered in the Polygon Astikene, C / Errotazarre, 30, 48160 Derio (BIZKAIA), hereinafter THE COMPANY.

2. THE COMPANY is not responsible for loss Flying client if they are late for your appointment. The client must arrive with enough time to make the deposit agreement. This is a simple procedure to check the status of your vehicle and aim the miles to ensure that your vehicle will travel only necessary kilometers. If the client does not wait for the completion of this contract, he shall as that done by our staff.

3. Client certifies that he is of age who during the stay in our parking, the vehicle complies with all legal requirements of the Spanish legislation. Otherwise, it is your responsibility to answer for the damages caused to the COMPANY or third parties.

4. THE COMPANY shall not be liable for any vehicle that has not been given the key, it is mandatory staff deliver COMPANY.

5. THE COMPANY reserves the right to change the type of service engaged by the client (for Valet Parking Space and vice versa) when you need it, either by themselves or circumstances beyond.

6. The customer authorizes COMPANY guardianship and custody of your vehicle and the necessary movements to perform the contracted services.

7. Any complaint must be made prior to removal of your vehicle as delivered it, THE COMPANY is not responsible for any claims. THE COMPANY has liability insurance to cover possible damage to your vehicle while in custody, except as follows:

  • a.) The small impacts or cracks in the moons and the possibility that they become visible with the temperature change produced in shipments, washed, etc ..
  • b.) The electrical or mechanical failure of your vehicle unless arising from the damage actually caused by us.
  • c.) The valuables deposited in your vehicle unless they have been properly recorded in the deposit agreement.
  • d.) Atmospheric phenomena such as wind, hail impact, frost, lightning strike, flood, weight of accumulated snow, storms, cyclogenesis, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc.

8. If you want someone else to pick your car must notify our office. This is to accredit present identification in force.

9. In the area of influence of airports there is a high concentration of electromagnetic and radiofrequency that can interfere with the electrical systems of your vehicle (remote opener, GPS, alarms, etc) waves. Payment by credit card can also be affected, so in this case could be taken to make payment in cash only. Therefore, COMPANY disclaims all liability being totally beyond their control incidents.

10. In accordance with Article 5 of Law 15/1999 of 13 December, Data Protection (hereinafter LOPD), reported that the personal information provided by users will be included in a file, duly registered in the General data Protection Registry, which is responsible Low Cost Parking Management Derio SL located in Polygon Astikene, c / Errotazarre pavilion no 30, 48160- DERIO (Vizcaya).

Its purpose will be to manage the service to the client, give information about offers, promotions, recommendations and make new products from the preferences of our customers. These authorize the company sending this information and telephone contact in order to provide the services offered.

THE COMPANY. You agree to comply with the duty of secrecy, confidentiality and privacy regarding personal data and take the necessary measures to prevent alteration and / or access to unauthorized persons.

At any time, you as the owner of the data, may exercise rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to the processing thereof in writing to the indicated address or by sending email.